Agencies Of The Year: Editor’s Note

Deja vu all over again. That’s what you might think as you look at our 1999 Agency of the Year winners. Yes, we are repeating two winners from last year: McCann-Erickson, our global winner, and Deutsch, our U.S. agency of the year. No, we haven’t done that before.
At first, we were reluctant to rename last year’s winners, mainly because we like to spread good news around. And like most of you, we want to do something new.
But you can’t argue with the numbers–or the creative excellence exhibited by our winners. When evaluating Agency of the Year candidates, we take other initiatives into consideration, such as opening new offices, launching new services or making significant hires. In essence, anything that can make an agency more relevant or formidable. In the case of McCann and Deutsch, the choice was clear. We agreed that our 1998 winners should be applauded, not ignored, for maintaining their momentum. Here we salute a bigger, better and brighter McCann and Deutsch.
The President’s Award, our top honor for nontraditional ad agencies, goes to Digitas, formerly known as Bronnercom. The agency, armed with a new management team, is on the verge of an IPO after turning in its own remarkable year.
To keep things fresh, we invited the CEO and a senior-ranking official from each agency to participate in a roundtable discussion. Excerpts can be found on page 64.
Our six regional Agency of the Year winners will be presented Jan. 31. Our annual Report Card issue, where we detail the performance of more than 80 global, U.S. and regional players, will appear April 10.
Congratulations to all our winners. –Alison Fahe