This Agency Designed a Toolkit to Help Marketers and Clients Improve Their Campaigns

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Of 1,200 marketers surveyed, over 70 percent think marketing campaigns aren't delivering the intended or promised goals. With that in mind, The Paragraph Project—a market research and brand strategy firm located in Durham, N.C.—came up with a way to share some of its own successful brand building and campaign tactics with all companies, big and small in any category—the Discovery Toolkit.

The toolkit is a product of the firm's discovery workshops, which are held with clients as a way to kick off new projects and "get a better understanding of what their perceptions of their brand is today and where they see it going, as well as understand their objectives from a marketing standpoint," said Dan Carlton, founder of The Paragraph Project.

Beginning in January of this year, Carlton's team began to think of a way to take some of the success they have had working with clients including Starbucks and Clarion through these workshops and create a set of exercises and agendas that other clients and agencies could use on their own.

From there, The Paragraph Project built a comprehensive toolkit, which includes a 32-page workbook filled with a step-by-step guide on how to run your own discovery workshop and three sets of card decks, among other items. One card deck features images to help "stretch thinking and begin to visualize the current and future state of your brand," a words deck to "stimulate debate around the key personality characteristics of your brand" and an association deck "to generate conversation on brand role models and identify best practices worth applying to your brand."  

Here's a full look at what's inside each box.

For the time being, the firm hasn't been able to dive into full production of the kits, but it did set up a Kickstarter page to raise some money to get things moving. To date, the toolkit's page has raised $8,640. Within the next 20 days, The Paragraph Project hopes to collect a total of $12,500 and begin selling more of their tool kits to agencies and marketers across the country.

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