This Agency Keeps Collecting Hits in Seattle

Copacino + Fujikado is 'more of a Cal Ripken than a Reggie Jackson'

Headshot of Tim Nudd


Who From left, Jim Copacino, co-founder and ecd; Betti Fujikado, co-founder and director of account management; Tim O’Mara, director of engagement strategy; Brandy O’Briant, managing director; and Mike Hayward, creative director

What Full-service ad agency

Where Seattle

Celebrating its hometown like few agencies do, Copacino + Fujikado boasts seven clients with Seattle in their name, from the Seattle Aquarium to the Seattle Times to the Seattle Mariners, for whom it does celebrated comical ads. The 38-person shop doesn’t handle the NFL champion Seahawks, but used the team’s Super Bowl appearance to extend Visit Seattle’s “2 Days in Seattle” tourism ads to New York for the first time. The agency prides itself on consistency, claiming 64 straight profitable quarters since its founding in 1998. “We’re more of a Cal Ripken than a Reggie Jackson,” said co-founder and ecd Jim Copacino. But the indie displays some attitude. It put up a billboard last year congratulating Omnicom and Publicis on their merger—by showing a dinosaur and a gorilla shaking hands. 

@nudd Tim Nudd is a former creative editor of Adweek.