Air New Zealand Turned Their Legendary Safety Briefing Into An Epic Music Video

Another home run from the airline

Buckle up for an amazing safety video. Air New Zealand
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Okay, frequent flyers, be honest: when was the last time you actually paid attention to the pre-flight safety video? For those who have flown enough to be able to recite the safety protocol in their sleep, the short stretch of time might serve as the last obstacle just before their fourth airborne viewing of Black Panther. Airlines, however, need all of their passengers to actually tune in and absorb the information, regardless of how seasoned each traveler may be.

For years, Air New Zealand has tried to combat safety-related complacency amongst travelers with extremely creative videos, like their epic 2014 Taika Waititi-directed adventure to Middle-Earth a la Lord of the Rings. Their newest safety video, “It’s Kiwi Safety,” is a colorful, musical romp throughout New Zealand and their most elaborate effort yet.

With a cast of over 600, the four and a half minute-long music video is not only a fun reminder of emergency procedures but a cross-generational earworm thanks to its sampling of Run DMC’s “It’s Tricky” and “In the Neighbourhood” from local rap stars Sisters Underground.

In between equipment demonstrations and lyrics like “Business Premier, I see you folks are working/sit upright, hands on thighs, feet to the floor, it’s just like twerking” are glimpses of the diverse Kiwi culture. With the help of homegrown talents like actor Julian Dennison and musicians Theia, Kings, and Randa, passengers can see some of New Zealand’s vibrant charm, dance communities, beach environment, and native culture. It’s a clever bit of multitasking, taking those few minutes that could be a dull moment of housekeeping and using it to pay homage to the home base.

“We know this video will make people proud to be New Zealanders,” says Jodi Williams, Air New Zealand’s general manager of global brand and content marketing, “but [it] will also showcase our unique Kiwi culture to the world.”

“It’s Kiwi Safety” made its debut on Monday and is the airline’s 18th creative safety video, though it is their first attempt at a music video.

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