Alaska’s Return Leg

WongDoody Shifts the Focus to Passengers
LOS ANGELES–WongDoody’s new round of TV spots for Alaska Airlines builds on last year’s “Future Employees” campaign, which spoke of the special nature of the people who work for the carrier.
This year, customers figure into the equation as the ads demonstrate how childhood experiences helped shape their present-day preference for Alaska Airlines. Two of three new spots from the agency’s Seattle office show passengers using the carrier’s new Instant Travel Machines to get their boarding passes instead of waiting in line.
“Gadget Boy” shows a child getting up in the morning with help from a Rube Goldberg contraption that gets him dressed, pulls up the blinds, feeds his fish and even hands him a lunch box as he exits. A caption appears over a freeze frame of the boy: “Future passenger, Alaska Airlines.” The image of the boy dissolves into one of a grown man using an Alaska Airlines ITM.
“What separates Alaska from the pack is service,” said agency principal and creative director Tracy Wong. “Before, it was the human element. This year, we’ve added technology to the mix.”
The ads will air in Alaska Airlines markets along the West Coast for the next few months.
Wong served as CD/art director; Tom Donahoe and John Schofield were the copywriters; Charles Wittenmeier of Propaganda Films directed. WongDoody has worked with the client for four years.

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