All in the Family: PSK and Gr8

EPB-Owned Shops Strike Agreement; Seelye to Lead Hub Office
BOSTON–Pagano Schenck & Kay believes it has found a novel solution to the interactive conundrum by aligning itself with Gr8.
Both the Baltimore interactive design agency and PSK, Boston, are owned by EPB Communications in New York.
Under terms of the agreement, Gr8 will open its first satellite office inside PSK, and the agencies will cross-sell services. The goal for Gr8, according to its Boston creative director Chuck Seelye, is to one day achieve “self sufficiency” and be independent of PSK. Gr8, which works for such clients as Sylvan, the Smithsonian and BridalBabe, plans to open similar outposts in Philadelphia and New York in upcoming months.
In the near future, however, both agencies stand to benefit from the arrangement, according to Gr8 president and CEO Craig Ziegler. With nearly 100 employees in Gr8’s flagship Baltimore office and a growing body of work, the need for resources was mounting. Opening a Boston office will allow the agency to tap into a new marketplace for talent, Ziegler said.
Initially, though, at least two employees–marketing and technology strategists–will be dispatched to Boston to assist Seelye.
Seelye was originally recruited to Boston to work at the Strategic Interactive Group (now Digitas) by executive creative director Greg Johnson, for whom he previously worked. But Seelye said the fit wasn’t right, so he called his former bosses at Gr8 in November with what he called “a daydream:” that he open a Boston outpost. That’s when PSK was introduced, the principals came to terms and Seelye began work at 420 Boylston St.
For PSK, having a credible and inhouse interactive capability helps fill the void created more than two years ago when Circle Independent was sold to Arnold Communications. And the Gr8 relationship represents the second “insourced” relationship for PSK. Three years ago, it cut a similar deal with Media First International to secure specialty media services not typically associated with an agency of PSK’s size. K