Amigo’s Lullaby

You can’t keep a good elephant down-or at home, in the case of a new campaign for the Denver Zoo.

The work, by McClain Finlon Advertising in Denver, broke last week and includes 30- and 15-second TV spots, and print and outdoor ads. The spots show how a local family deals with keeping Amigo, the baby elephant currently on loan to the Denver Zoo, in their house as a “pet.”

One spot shows a husband and wife sitting on a couch, describing how things initially went well when they got Amigo as a present for the kids.

But flashbacks then show the man appearing on his doorstep, calling to Amigo to fetch his newspaper (the elephant flings the paperboy into his house instead). And in a “home video,” Amigo is shown dousing kids at a birthday party with water from his trunk.

The spot ends with the husband offering peanuts from a bowl to the would-be interviewer, along with the themeline: “Because you can’t keep him at home.”

The spots continue the documentary-style feel of prior work and accentuate the humorous path of destruction left by Amigo, said agency senior copywriter Chase Claussen. “It gave us a vehicle to see the elephant through [the owners’] eyes,” he said.

Ads are running on Denver television and in area newspapers and outdoor.