Apple “Broken Promises”

Ad of the Day – 10/26/2009

For most, hearing the phrase “trust me” instantly raises suspicions. Here, Apple effectively leverages this fact to raise doubts about Microsoft’s new operating system. In this commercial, one of several that broke last week to challenge Microsoft’s big Windows 7 push, PC repeatedly tells viewers to trust him, that this version of the OS will not have the same problems as earlier iterations. “I feel like I’ve heard this before PC,” responds Mac, as the spot shows flashbacks of PC making the same promise with the launch of Vista, XP, Windows 98, etc., all the way back to the launch of Windows 3, with PC channeling Don Johnson in a pastel T and blazer ensemble, spiky hair and flip sunglasses to boot. Like earlier biting, well-timed Mac ads, this one does a great job in deflating Microsoft’s claims, humorously using its own wonky past to raise buyer uncertainty and possibly get them to instead consider a Mac. –Eleftheria Parpis