Arbitron Launches Webcast Metric Tool

Media research firm Arbitron has launched a new Webcast audience measurement tool. Called Webcast Audience Profile, the new measurement service was first employed by NetRadio, based in Minneapolis. It uses a pop-up survey on Webcasters’ sites to gather demographic, socio-economic and Internet usage information.

According to execs at Arbitron, the survey does not interrupt the Webcast, yet it can be associated with individual streams on a site and deployed at random.

In its first report for NetRadio, findings included the fact that people listen to streaming media radio mostly at work, and listeners are likely to be in a metropolitan area such as New York. The study also revealed that 73 percent of NetRadio’s audience graduated from college, and 19 percent live in homes with more than $100,000 annual income. Nearly one-third (32 percent) of NetRadio’s listeners made ten or more online purchases in the past year.