Arnold Schwarzenegger Will Make a Super Bowl Ad Appearance for Bud Light

A-lister confirmed for celebrity-packed spot

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UPDATE: Bud Light has released teaser clips for its Super Bowl ads from BBDO, revealing that Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of several celebrities who will surprise an "unsuspecting guy" at the center of a massive brand stunt.

Original item below:

Arnold Schwarzenegger, one of the world's top celebrities and not one prone to starring in U.S. ads, will appear in one of this year's Super Bowl spots for Bud Light.

A source today confirmed to Adweek that Schwarzenegger will be one of several A-listers featured in an "Epic Night" storyline split across two ads, a :60 and a :30, created by BBDO. Anheuser-Busch InBev will have a total of five ads on game day, with three dedicated to Bud Light and two featuring Budweiser.

The former California governor and Hollywood icon will receive $3 million for his ad appearance, according to the New York Post.

Since leaving office in 2011, Schwarzenegger has resumed his previously prolific pace of big-screen appearances. He starred in 2013's The Last Stand and Escape Plan, and this year will be appearing in The Expendables 3, Sabotage and zombie film Maggie.

Schwarzenegger has made many ad appearances overseas, but like many top celebrities, he has generally avoided making ads in the United States. 

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