Asher Crafts TV Project for Lyon’s Restaurants

In its new ad campaign, Lyon’s Restaurants introduces a feisty, spatula-wielding grandmother who’s on a mission to keep the chain serving high-quality food.
Two 30-second TV spots, created on a project basis by Asher & Partners, Los Angeles, pit “Grandma Lyon’s” against restaurant executives more interested in cost-cutting than quality.
The first spot opens with the executives saying company’s operations are “under new management.” “Mine,” announces Grandma Lyon’s, who walks into view. As the executives outline their commitment to quality and value–offering a quarter-pound prime rib for $9.99–Grandma Lyon’s gives them a slap with the spatula, and says it’ll be a half-pound for $8.99.
In the second ad, she abuses them further for suggesting they can save money with “marginal margarine.”
The new tagline is, “Lyon’s Restaurants. The way we do it here.”
“We’re really excited to work in the [restaurant] category,” said Asher vice president, associate creative director John Krueger. “[We] have a lot of great ideas for Lyon’s, and look forward to doing more ads.”
The ads will air in Northern California and Oregon for the next six weeks.
Previous ads for Lyon’s, Foster City, Calif., were done by Gardner, Geary, Coll & Young, San Francisco, which parted ways with the client in February [Adweek, Feb. 8].