Baby Nut Returns; Popeyes Slings NOLA Strong Swag for Covid-19 Relief: Tuesday’s First Things First

Plus, learn how pet brands are supporting a wave of new pet owners

baby nut
Baby Nut is back on Twitter after a hiatus. Mr. Peanut
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He’s Back! Baby Nut Returns to Social Media After a Months-Long Disappearance

In case you’ve forgotten—because, let’s be real, there’s plenty else on everyone’s mind—Planters killed off its mascot Mr. Peanut ahead of the Super Bowl, and then resurrected him during the game as “Baby Nut” thanks to the tears of the Koolaid Man (who also later disappeared, but don’t worry, he’s also resurfaced). After a brief period of building a passionate fanbase on Twitter following the Big Game, Baby Nut went silent on social. He finally made his official return to social media yesterday.

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How the Covid-19 Pet Ownership Boom Has Impacted Pet Brands

People are looking for companionship in their social isolation, and as a result, animal fostering, adoptions and purchases are on the rise—followed by a boom in consumer interest in pet products and services. We spoke with pet brands about how they’re ensuring the essential needs of new pet owners are met while also keeping employees safe and supported. That means finding ways to meet increased demand from shoppers while remaining flexible and positive with customers and giving back to the community.

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Popeyes’ NOLA Strong Merchandise Gives Back to Its Hometown

To give back to its hometown during this time of crisis, Popeyes is launching the NOLA Strong promotion today. Available nationwide, fried chicken fans can get a family-size NOLA Strong Meal with 12 pieces of Popeyes fried chicken, two classic sides, six biscuits, and a NOLA Strong T-shirt and hat for $28, with all proceeds directly supporting New Orleans families who have been affected by Covid-19.

Watch: To announce it, Popeyes released a short film narrated by Big Easy native and The Wire actor Wendell Pierce that celebrates the values and characteristics unique to the resilient people of New Orleans.

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Lessons Learned After Founding an Agency During the Recession

When Andrew O’Dell and PJ Pereira started Pereira O’Dell, the Wall Street Journal wrote a story about how crazy it was to start an ad agency in the middle of a recession. It was a difficult time to launch, but the duo persevered, and Pereira shared some of the lessons learned during the process with Adweek. “Our marketing ecosystem will need to quickly find ways to collaborate to better understand these consequences,” he writes.

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Reyka Vodka Wants Fans to Get Creative With Their Quarantine Beards

Icelandic vodka brand Reyka Vodka has launched Beard of the Week, an ongoing initiative challenging fans to ditch their razors and experiment with new facial hair to win weekly prizes. The face of the campaign is Frikki, the brand’s Icelandic and bearded mascot. Along with promoting the competition, Frikki will also share tips for maintaining quarantine beards and getting creative with styling.

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