People like to imagine they’re immune to flattery. But they aren’t, as long as the flatterer doesn’t lay it on too thick. This spot for BB&T, a banking and financial-services company, administers a well-calibrated dose to a target audience of business owners. Created by agency LGA of Charlotte, N.C., it shows a well-dressed, well-coiffed man moving one way through an airport as everyone else moves in the opposite direction. Ah yes, he’s an independent spirit, not moving with the herd! (Which, of course, happens to be precisely the way entrepreneurs think of themselves.) But he’s not some sort of loner or odd man out, either, as the spot implicitly signals when it shows him getting a warm handshake from an acquaintance he bumps into while leaving the bank. It’s not a particularly exciting or distinctive commercial, and I’m sure it’ll make no impression whatsoever on viewers who aren’t in the intended audience. But those who are business owners will come away from it with a warm feeling about themselves, plus a sense that BB&T “gets” them. –Mark Dolliver

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