Beautiful St. Pauli Girl Proves Brainy As Well

New Campaign From Hoffman York Highlights Taste, Irreverent Fun
NEW YORK–Barton Beers this May offers up the familiar St. Pauli Girl in a radio campaign that portrays the buxom brand icon not as a dumb blonde, but as assertive, capable of witty repartee and definitely up on her beer.
The inaugural ads from Hoffman York, Milwaukee, pick up the light, irreverent tone of last year’s ads from Graziano, Kraft & Zale, Chicago, but put greater emphasis on the beer’s product attributes, often via double-entendre lines such as, “I’m smooth, all natural and, unlike some others, never bitter.” Spending on the campaign, which includes outdoor ads, is estimated at $1-2 million.
Marketing director Fred Graefenhain said the campaign aims to get beyond the stuffy image of German beers, while also pointing out the taste of St. Pauli Girl beer.
In “Cigar Bar,” a coughing patron gasps, “Cigar too dry … must have drink,” summoning a genie-like appearance of the girl, who ridicules the pretensions of cigar bars. “Didn’t you know St. Pauli Girl is ze perfect drink with ze girls?” she asks. “I thought it was single-malt scotch,” he says. “You’d rather drink something from a bearded man in a skirt than a beautiful German girl? Listen, Mr. Hunk of Burning Love, you want a real flame? Choose an all-natural blonde: a rich, full-bodied German beer.”
Other executions in the four-spot pool tweak dating situations and golf outings–the latter in part to flag the brand’s “Gear Up for Golf” summer promotion, handled by Pinnacle Promotion Group, Chicago.
The radio ads will air in 11 East Coast and Midwest metro markets, including Boston, Chicago and Philadelphia. Outdoor ads showing the St. Pauli Girl with the slogan, “Put her on a pedestal. Or a coaster,” will go up in Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York.