BlogHer10: Marketing Misfire

“BlogHer?” “Blog what?” Unfortunately, that’s the response I’ve received from eight out of 10 marketers as I’ve mentioned my attendance at BlogHer10 in early August in New York. The fact that many of them hadn’t heard of this huge confab of 2,400 women bloggers should have been my tip-off that the tsunami of client buy-in to social media might still be just a dribble.
Maybe you hear BlogHer and think digital moms, but this conference was not just for “mommy bloggers” (a pretty hateful label by the way). Bloggers who attend write about health reform, politics (both sides of the aisle), international aid, business, fashion and food with one thing in common: they have influence over what you sell.  If you’d attended, you’d have met them face to face. But most marketers didn’t show.