Why Brands Must Form an Identity to Retain Customers in the Voice Economy

Conversation and compassion are expected of marketers today

Conversation is becoming an ever-present part of the entire experience chain. Getty Images

Not so long ago, we’d only initiate a conversation with a brand if something had gone wrong, but we’re now starting to use conversation to do much more: to explore options, to make purchases and even to investigate medical issues.

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Bronwyn van der Merwe of Fjord, Design and Innovation from Accenture Interactive, is based in Sydney, where she oversees teams and projects across the Asia-Pacific region. She is responsible for growing the businesses, finding and developing the best talent, and creating value for clients through design and innovation—as well as overseeing the work those teams deliver. Bronwyn is regularly sought out as a thought leader and spokesperson for Fjord at conferences and in the media.