The Road to Brandweek: JetBlue’s Elizabeth Windram on Meeting Sky-High Expectations

How the low-cost airline is distinguishing itself

Elizabeth Windram jetblue marketing vice president
The vice president of marketing at JetBlue has a big etiquette tip for flyers. - Credit by JetBlue
Headshot of Ryan Barwick

Between baggage fees and minuscule legroom, travelers expect to put up with a lot when flying with a budget—or in industry parlance, low-cost—airline. But, according to JetBlue’s latest campaign featuring the Alright Brothers, “just alright” doesn’t fly here.

At our annual Brandweek event, coming up Nov. 3-6 in Palm Springs, Calif., JetBlue’s vice president of marketing Elizabeth Windram will explain how the airline stays competitive in the hyper-competitive low-cost airline industry.

Adweek spoke with Windram in the lead-up to Brandweek about her experience at JetBlue, as well as a couple of hot-button airline topics.

How do you tailor your marketing and advertising in the age of rapid consumer feedback?
At JetBlue, we have established excellent listening capabilities and real-time response protocols. Each campaign is launched with a plan for responding and pivoting based on a wide variety of potential scenarios and feedback.

What tools do you use for social listening?
We use SparkCentral to monitor engagement and for listening.

What’s the biggest change your company or industry has had to contend with in the last two years?
We’re a customer-focused airline, and what sets us apart from the legacy airlines is our focus on hospitality. However, we’re seeing an ongoing commoditization of our industry which is being further amplified by comparison sites.

As we shift towards providing personalized and customized experiences, we must also adapt based on data privacy and compliance, while appropriately adhering to customer expectations and preferences.

What’s your favorite airport?
Terminal 5 at JFK, of course!

What’s your stance on flyers who take off their socks and shoes?
Shoes, OK. Socks, too far.

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