Brazilian Juice Brand Designs Bottles That Show How Much Water You’re Wasting

Greenpeople and Cheil make it easier to understand

- Credit by Cheil Brazil

It can be tricky to conceptualize how much water you’re pouring down the drain if you let that leaky faucet drip without fixing—or linger a little too long in the shower.

To help make it easier, Brazilian organic juice brand Greenpeople and agency Cheil Brazil designed a series of bottles in various sizes that lay out the issue in clear visual terms—with what the marketer is describing as a new unit of measurement, “The Waste Measure.”

500 milliliters is actually the amount of water lost in 18 minutes of that dripping faucet. 1.5 liters is equivalent to 40 seconds of letting the water run while you brush your teeth. 20 extra seconds in the shower is 5 liters (more than 1 U.S. gallon). Hosing down your car for 1 minute? 20 liters.

Created for World Water Day, it’s a quick and effective way to communicate an abstract concept, and raise awareness about small practical changes consumers can make to conserve water. Greenpeople and Cheil distributed the reusable bottles to influencers, as well as in the juice-seller’s stores in Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro, on Friday, March 22.


Campaign: The Waste Measures

Agency: Cheil Brasil

Client: Greenpeople

Manager Director: Evandro Guimarães

CCO: Claudio Lima

Creative Director: Ricardo Miller/Fábio Baraldi/Ronaldo Jardim

Copywriter: Marcio Bittencourt

Art Director: Victor Ferreira

Account: Enya Café

Strategy: Paula Queiroz

Media: Joao Oliveira

Producers: Luzia Oliveira / Cristiane Marinari

Client Approval: Bianca Laufer

Graphic Producer: Luciano Carvalho.

Bottle production company:  Special Glass.

Account: Silvio Damas

Production Company: 7 FILMES

Director: Gugu Seppi

Executive producer: Chico Oliveira

Photography Director: Otimar pacciato

Pos production: Marina Moreno


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