Brita “Change”

If you had to keep all the plastic water bottles you buy, would you still buy them as often? This new Canadian Brita spot from DDB in Toronto shows how cluttered normal daily activities could get if you were stuck with them and makes a case for using the brand’s filter products instead. “Ever thought about how many plastic water bottles Canadian bought last year?” asks on-screen copy as a woman standing at the edge of a pool looks plaintively at the layer of floating bottles covering nearly every inch of the water. The commercial ends with the message, “The Earth needs Brita,” and a final shot of water being poured out of a pitcher into a glass. The green positioning makes sense, but the serene music (synced in one shot to a guy playing a classical guitar in a bottle-filled room) gently urging for “Change,” as the spot’s titled, makes it more overwrought than necessary. Well timed to Earth Day, but the message drowns in the sentimentality.–Eleftheria Parpis

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