Bud Light Welcomes Baseball Back With a Sweet Serenade

The spot pokes fun at quarantine pastimes that have gone a bit stale

Bud Light

Baseball’s back. Nearly four months later than originally planned, Opening Day is finally happening this week, much to the relief of sports fans who’ve been struggling to fill a baseball-shaped void in their souls since late March.

In a spot released today, Bud Light offers an ode to those fans, and to the hobbies they’ve had to resort to during the long, uncertain wait for the return of America’s pastime during the coronavirus pandemic.

First, a forlorn and reluctant bread baker tips an ironic hat to the baking craze that took over Instagram feeds in the early weeks of lockdown. One fan painstakingly paints a detailed bird sculpture, while another half-heartedly lifts paint cans and water jugs in a makeshift home gym. Others simply drape themselves across couches, with sports paraphernalia cluttering their spaces like shrines to old lovers.

But when a push notification pops up on the bread baker’s tablet announcing the return of sports, it’s as though life is breathed back into the poor souls. In a version of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” that acknowledges the desperation of sports fans amid the pandemic, fans sing their hearts out, glad for a reason to kick back and watch a game—any game—with a Bud Light.

The spot will be followed up with celebrity renditions of the classic song, including participation from George Lopez, Kelly Rowland, Eric Stonestreet, Maria Menounos and Ryan Garcia.

Bud Light

“Sports are back, and we’re excited to formally welcome fans back from a long hiatus,” said Andy Goeler, vp of marketing for Bud Light. “Bud Light is always aiming to connect to authentic fan celebration moments, and while these moments will look a little different, it’s our job to ensure that fans can be fans—even at home.”

In another lighthearted spot addressing the peculiarities of a sports season where fans are confined to their couches, the beer brand released a 15-second spot in honor of the stadium beer vendor. But rather than walking up and down the long section breaks of ballparks, this modern beer vendor is walking up and down the streets of a neighborhood, bringing Bud Light and Bud Light Seltzer straight to fans’ front doors—metaphorically, that is. Really, he’s touting Bud Light’s delivery options, which the brand has aggregated by region on its website.

Bud Light

Lastly, Bud Light is launching a sweepstakes that’ll bring a little bit of the game into fans’ homes—literally. During a few games this season, fans can enter to win a home run ball that comes in a special case with a certificate of authenticity.

“Take Me Out” is live on Bud Light’s social channels today and will begin airing nationally on broadcast during Thursday night’s opening game. The beer vendor spot will air nationally on major broadcast networks later in the season.

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