Bugaboo “Ripples”

Dutch stroller company Bugaboo recently joined the growing list of marketers in the Product (RED) family, becoming the first partner to contribute a percentage of the revenue from sales of all its products to a global fund to help support AIDS programs in Africa. This one-minute online spot from 72andSunny introduces the new relationship with the message “Go and good things happen.” The idea behind “Ripples” is to encourage parents to make an impact on the lives of families living with HIV in Africa. Still, I’m not convinced that point is strongly made here. We see parents enjoying time spent with their kids, playing in a park and on a beach and discovering foreign experiences through travel. It ends with a scene of a mom carrying her baby in a remote village. I love the animation style and musical choice, “Made Up Love Song Number 43” by the Guillemots, who sound an awful lot like The Cure. Without those two critical elements, though, the spot would be your average montage-of-moments PSA. –Eleftheria Parpis