Business Users Addicted to E-mail

Are you on “vacation” this week, yet still checking e-mail and browsing the Web?

If so, that’s lucky for us–but survey results released on Monday by Gartner, Inc. suggest that business users have become addicted to e-mail.

“The connected vacationer is always on the alert for business interruptions. For better or for worse, 42 percent of us go online to look for business e-mails during vacation,” said Maurene Caplan Grey, a senior research analyst with Gartner.

Even on ordinary weekends, 23 percent of survey respondents felt compelled to check their business e-mail. This is over and above any use of personal e-mail accounts.

During the workday, of course, e-mail is even more of a distraction. Just over half of users check it six or more times a day, while 34 percent monitor it constantly. On average, business users spend 49 minutes per day managing e-mail accounts. No wonder, then, that we worry about messages piling up while we’re on vacation.

“E-mail has become the corporate security blanket,” Grey added. “If executives don’t get their (average of) 22 e-mails per day, they begin to feel out of the loop.”

From Adweek’s Technology Marketing magazine