A Call To Action

Start spreading the news — The Association for a Better New York is celebrating its 30th birthday, and a new print ad from Korey Kay & Partners seeks to convey the organization’s impressive legacy.

The ad, part of a new campaign for ABNY, is set to break next month. It shows a spotlight over the Manhattan skyline, which reveals “ABNY” in the sky. Copy underneath reads, “When Gotham was really in trouble, they didn’t call Batman.”

The ad then details how in 1971, ABNY, a volunteer group formed by business leaders and led by real estate developer Lew Rudin, helped New York avert a potential financial crisis via initiatives such as arranging for the prepayment of real estate taxes.

Copy at the bottom reads, “ABNY. Volunteering for New York for 30 years.”

“They’re like the glue that keeps the best organizations together and connects them,” said Allen Kay, the New York-based shop’s chairman. As for the Caped Crusader, Kay said the superhero works in this context because “it’s such a recognizable icon of someone coming to the rescue of Gotham.”

The work is running in New York publications.