Can Instagram Provide ‘Reel’ Competition to TikTok?

The pros and cons of the newest social feature

Instagram Reels and TikTok
The success of TikTok doesn't guarantee the rise of Reels. Source: Instagram, TikTok
Headshot of Amber Zent

For the past week, everyone has been talking about Instagram Reels, which enables users to edit 15-second videos with audio and fun AR effects. Sound familiar? Yes, there are a lot of similarities between Instagram’s Reels and TikTok. And even though Instagram confirmed the U.S. launch of Reels in mid-July, it seems especially significant as users and brands anxiously await Sept. 15 when the Chinese-owned, video-sharing app must be sold to an American-owned company or face being banned from the United States.

Amber Zent is partner/vp and director of social media at Marcus Thomas.