In Case You Missed It on…

Adweek kicked off the week with its 31st Annual Hot List, naming the 10 most successful and influential magazines of the year. The Hot List—which is this week’s most popular story—received more than 34,000 page views, over 200 tweets and more than 600 “likes” on Facebook.

Other top stories this week: A piece that examines an audience shift, as soap viewers become gamers. Zynga Kills Soaps was shared online more than 400 times and garnered nearly 600 tweets.

Readers love profiles, too. Publisher of the Year: David Carey, a profile of Hearst’s 50-year-old president that ran as part of The Hot List, was shared across the Web more than 50 times and was well-received.

A report by Andrew McMains on how being a strictly digital agency is no longer compelling was especially popular on Twitter. Marketers to Digital Shops: Diversify or Die was tweeted over 350 times.

Spicing things up a bit, a study about what people really want sexually wraps up this week’s top five list. Sex Needs Revealed explores everything from foot fetishes to kinky fantasies. Readers liked, tweeted and shared the story, but most refrained from leaving comments. We don’t blame them.

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