Cheetos’ Super Bowl Spot Offers the Perfect Excuse to Say ‘Can’t Touch This’

MC Hammer stars in Cheetos' first Big Game spot in over a decade

mc hammer and a guy with cheetle on his hand
Cheetos is highlighting its new product, Cheetos Popcorn, in its Super Bowl spot. Cheetos
Headshot of Diana Pearl

Cheetos is offering up the perfect excuse for when you just don’t want to get your hands involved—with a little help from MC Hammer.

In the Frito-Lay-owned brand’s first Super Bowl spot in 11 years, a man snacking on its newest product, Cheetos Popcorn, realizes that the red and orange dust that Cheetos leaves on your hands—which the brand has dubbed “cheetle”—is the perfect excuse to duck out of undesirable tasks that involve your hands. His boss decides not to hand him a stack of paperwork; he shrugs when asked to help load a couch onto a moving truck; he avoids holding a crying baby and catching a coworker in a trust fall.

During the 30-second ad, MC Hammer’s hip-hop classic “U Can’t Touch This” plays in the background, with the rapper himself appearing throughout the spot in imaginative ways. His head pops up numerous times in unexpected places, from on the head of a baby to the end of a rolled up rug, singing his signature song all the while. At the end, he pops up out of a picnic basket, grabs the Cheetos Popcorn, and shuffles off.

Creative for the spot was handled by Goodby Silverstein & Partners, and Harold Einstein served as the director. A teaser for the spot showed MC Hammer sitting at the piano, realizing he “can’t touch this” because of the cheetle on his hands—and subsequently being struck by musical inspiration.

The spot kicks off Cheetos’ new campaign, “It’s a Cheetos Thing,” which “depicts the way of life for a Cheetos lover,” according to a statement, specifically highlighting cheetle. The brand is calling the campaign its “biggest effort yet.”

Cheetos’s spot will air during the first quarter.

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