Chevy Silverado Sheds ‘Like a Rock’

NEW YORK Chevrolet is introducing another installment of its year-old “American Revolution” brand campaign, with a new spot for its Silverado truck line from Campbell-Ewald.

Gone is “Like a Rock,” the Bob Seger jingle that covered Chevy trucks for several years. In its place is the “American Revolution” brand-umbrella tagline launched in 2004 to support a series of new cars.

The new campaign, from the Warren, Mich., Interpublic Group agency, launches today with a 60-second TV spot on the Major League Baseball playoffs. Other ads use former National Football League player and TV commentator Howie Long, who appeared earlier this year in humorous Silverado ads.

Long will support a football-heavy media schedule in the fourth quarter. An agency spokesperson said the effort reflects media research Chevy and the shop conducted, which revealed that truck intenders like to get specific product attributes. Therefore, print is long on copy, with heavy use of spreads and the addition of a 12-page insert, “Men, Women and the Truck.” The latter is a humorous un-PC discussion of guys, gals and wheels, to talk truck specifications and competitive advantages of the 2006 models versus the competition.

One section, “Men Are Born With the Horsepower Gene (Just as Some Women Are Born With the Shoe Gene)” is not about Imelda Marcos, but the truck’s available Vortec Max engine. “Why do we call them Vortec, you might ask? Well, ever see what happens when something gets in the way of a tornado?” reads the copy.

A Hispanic push uses “Subete” (“Join us”) as the tag and “La dura que dura” (“The tough one that lasts”) as a theme line. Accent Marketing in Miami created the work.

The campaign launches this week on Univision, Telemundo and Galavision, with radio, print and online ads later.

Campaign spending is undisclosed.

Chevrolet has sold 522,227 Silverados through August 2005, per That marks a 16.1 percent increase versus 2004. Ford has sold 625,047 F-Series pickups.