City Slicks

You won’t see any characters from Sex and the City in a new bus campaign by O’Connor Group touting the agency. But you will see some of the agency’s staffers.

The Roanoke, Va., shop modeled its new effort, which is running on buses in that city, after bus ads seen in the hit HBO TV series. The first O’Connor Group ad featured Karen Grams, agency creative director, who appeared by the line, “Ads in the city,” as Roanoke skyscrapers tower behind her. Beside her is text that reads, “Eye-catching creative.”

A different employee is set to appear in the ads each month. The shop plans to take staffers on the buses for rides each time a different person appears in the ads.

The effort seeks to build awareness of the shop in Roanoke, but also to recognize its staff members, according to John Anstey, senior account executive at the shop, who on Friday was slated to begin appearing in the ads. (He is appearing in the work alongside the line, “Riveting representation.”)

“We like the creative from Sex and the City, and we just thought it would be fun to mirror an image like that,” said Anstey. “After we did some research on the show and on the design of the bus ads, I watch the show more now than ever.”