Consultant Eyes Media

To capitalize on the trends of consolidation and unbundling reviews in the media arena, Morgan Anderson Consulting has created a media management group.
The unit will handle agency searches and offer other consulting services in traditional and new media.
Leading the team will be managing principal Arthur Anderson, former American Express executive Peggy Mitchell-King and Jack Deitchman, an Ogilvy & Mather media veteran.
“This new group is set up to assist clients’ quests for value,” Anderson said.
Mitchell-King provides the client perspective. She spent 20 years at American Express, where she was vice president for advertising until 1998.
“Unlike other consultants, who have a purchasing agent’s mentality, we will combine rigorous assessment of cost efficiencies with an understanding of the quality factor that many clients demand,” said Mitchell-King.
Mitchell-King, who was one of Deitchman’s clients at Ogilvy, brought him to Morgan Anderson.
He left Ogilvy in 1996 as senior partner in charge of national and local broadcasting to become a consultant.
“There are meaningful differences between agencies in terms of the way they think about media,” said Deitchman. “In my experiences being in reviews from the agency side, it seemed that consultants were [cost-per-thousand]-focused.”
Morgan Anderson’s recent media reviews included the $200 million Sprint pitch.