Craftsman “Music Experiment”

At the risk of sounding like a philistine — a risk often worth taking! — I have to say I fail to see (or hear) the appeal of this video’s use of Craftsman tools to create a piece of music. Young & Rubicam Chicago enlisted composer/musician/mixed-media artist Kutiman, who achieved viral online fame last year by mixing musical snippets of YouTube videos to create his own compositions. The results of that project were ingenious. But the percussive sounds achieved here by using Craftsman tools in oddball fashion just don’t seem all that interesting. When a saw is used to create a rasping sound as it scrapes a cinder block, I feel like telling it not to quit its day job. No doubt some viewers will feel differently. But the self-consciously artsy approach seems like a mismatch for the audience of people who buy and use Craftsman tools. Indeed, I can easily imagine them wincing at what strikes them as misuse, rather than creative use, of these tools. –Mark Dolliver