Daffy’s “Dance”

I guess you just had to be there. Daffy’s weeklong live in-theater ad ends today and from what the video shows, it seems audiences enjoyed the experience of watching live dancers spin around on stage in concert with the ad running onscreen. Or maybe they were just clapping because the spectacle was over and they were finally going to get to see the movie they paid to see. The ad gives the impression that Daffy’s is a fun, color-coordinated orderly place to shop, and it may very well be, but impressions from past experiences prevail. Every visit felt like a discount shopping experience, nothing like the bright, orderly, modern environment the ad depicts. While there is a certain level of excitement you feel when you think you’ve just gotten an unbelievable bargain, even with the added theatrics, a three-minute demo of nothing but people dancing while trying on clothes, whether on screen or live, doesn’t do all that much to convince Daffy’s is the place to go for designer clothes for less. –Eleftheria Parpis

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