DGWB Ads Bring Wienerschnitzel Mascot to Life

DGWB Advertising is set to unleash the mascot of the world’s largest fast-food hot dog chain into the real world with the help of computer animation.

The Irvine, Calif., agency is breaking three TV spots for Wienerschnitzel that use a new incarnation of the cartoon hot dog character known as the Delicious One. The ads, part of a $4 million campaign, mark the beginning of a new era for the chain, which has used a Claymation version of the character since 1998.

“Consumers wanted to know more about the Delicious One. They wanted to know about this dog’s life,” said David Swartz, associate creative director at DGWB.

The work, rolling out in the company’s major markets of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas, is aimed at increasing brand awareness and giving consumers a taste of The Delicious One on a personal level, added Tom Amberger, director of marketing for Wienerschnitzel, based in Newport Beach, Calif.

Wienerschnitzel has enjoyed 50 straight months of same-store sales increases, and since the 1998 release of the campaign titled “The Adventures of America’s Most Wanted Hot Dog,” has elevated its brand awareness by some 33 percent, Amberger said.

In one new 30-second spot, titled “Saloon,” the unsuspecting Delicious One enters a bar to inquire about a sign on the door that says “We serve hot dogs.” The bartender places a jar of mustard next to him and says, “We do!” As usual, The Delicious One is slow to realize that it’s him people want to eat.

Three radio spots also being released this month carry the deadpan slogan: “I am a hot dog. These are my stories.” In one, the Delicious One sings about his love for vegetarians.

DGWB’s in-house Hispanic marketing company, Adelante, will produce a Spanish-language version of one of the TV spots to reflect Wienerschnitzel’s total market strategy, according to Amberger.