DirecTV Turns to Fans for ‘Cable Effects’ Ad

Satellite TV provider asks public for their stories

Fed up with cable? DirecTV wants to hear your frustration.

The satellite TV provider is asking fans for suggestions for its new "Cable Effects" storyline. A panel of judges will review the submissions and—if it all makes sense—it will use the script in an upcoming "Cable Effects" campaign.

"We have a successful track record," Jon Gieselman, DirecTV's svp, told Adweek about the "Cable Effects" campaign. "I don’t feel like we need help with our creative development. But the reason why we are doing this is because it feels like this campaign has struck a chord with people."

The crowdsourced ad is open to anyone who wants to participate: All you have to do is tweet your quips to @DirecTV using the hashtag #GetRidOfCable from April 14 through April 21

Ideally, the company hopes to pick one tweet or line of script each day. The ideas will eventually be storyboarded, narrated with a Robb Webb voiceover, and turned into a social video, which will be shared on Twitter on April 25. And, if everything looks good, it may go into further production. 

Gieselman said the company noted that there are more than 3,500 parodies of the campaign online. It figured it was time to ask the audience what was getting them riled up about cable.

“It kind of scratches at that common issue that affects so many people that have had a terrible experience with cable at one point or another,” Gieselman explained. “We of course believe that DirecTV is a better alternative.”

Grey in New York created the "Cable Effects" campaign.