Dole Juices Up With New Campaign: Lord, Dentsu Ads Tout Mixed-Fruit Drinks As Competition Intensifies

SAN FRANCISCO – Dole here has launched a major repositioning campaign in a bid to capture the lion’s share of the emerging market for mixed-fruit juices.
In Dole’s previous campaign, consumers were told that Dole juices were a healthy alternative to beverages with sugars and artificial flavors and to orange juice.
The new campaign, from ad agency Lord, Dentsu & Partners/L.A., touts the fact that the drinks are 100% fruit juice while explaining the combinations of juices, such as pineapple, banana and orange, in its drinks.
As one of the first in the so-called hybrid juice category, Dole seems to have an edge in the market, but it is competing with an increasing number of marketers including Tropicana, Welch’s and Minute Maid. Dole spent almost $12 million advertising its juices in 1991, according to LNA.
‘The hybrid juice drink market is definitely on the rise,’ said Hellen Berry, a consultant with Beverage Marketing Corp. in New York. Berry, who has done research on the market said, ‘(It is) one of the fastest growing beverage categories in the ’90s.’
The market for hybrid juices has changed as New Age drinks emerged and consumers came to better understand the drinks. No longer does Dole have to promote these juices as an alternative to orange juice for breakfast. The company can simply tout them in their own right.
According to Tom Pirko, president of Bevmark/L.A., showing real fresh fruits combined in the graphic way Lord, Dentsu has executed the spots, will allow the ‘consumer (to) latch on to an understanding of the juice. It’s fun, gimmicky, innocent and vaguely sexy.’
Neither Lord, Dentsu nor Dole would comment on the campaign.
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