Rashida Jones, Donald Glover Team Up for This Simple, Illustrated PSA About Sexual Harassment for Time’s Up

The pair narrated and directed the video

Not sure what might be considered sexual harassment? Time's Up has a quick refresher for you. Time's Up/Blue Seat Studios
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If you’re still on the fence about what sexual harassment in the workplace looks like (or sounds like), let Donald Glover break it down for you. The multi-talented Glover has lent his voice to an animated PSA, directed by Rashida Jones, for the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

The PSA is targeted at those who might be feeling a bit of pressure at work these days, in the wake of the overwhelming number of harassment and assault allegations against men in power. It also serves as a nice refresher for everyone.

“All people expect to be treated with respect and to feel safe at work,” Glover says. In the nearly three-minute PSA, Glover breaks down a number of scenarios where people seem most confused—like whether it’s cool to make comments about a colleague’s appearance. Sure, you can think it in your head, but should you say it out loud? No. Take a look at the full video, below.

Time’s Up worked with animation studio Blue Seat Studios to bring the concept to life.

The new work for Time’s Up channels a popular PSA created by Thames Valley Police in 2015, called “Tea Consent.” That PSA, also animated by Blue Seat Studios, garnered massive attention online (with over 6 million views on YouTube to date) for its use of animated stick figures and tea to explain the concept of consent.

Writer: Rachel Brian
Director: Rashida Jones
Voiceover: Donald Glover
Music: Sunny Levine
Animation: Blue Seat Studios

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