Doritos Added Chance the Rapper’s Hip-Hop Spice to a Backstreet Boys Classic in Its Super Bowl Ad

The brand released an extended 60-second cut of the spot

Doritos brings the world of boy bands and hip-hop together in its Super Bowl ad. Doritos
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Ever wish the Backstreet Boys had a little more spice? Today is your lucky day. Doritos is attempting to do just that with its 30-second Super Bowl spot (and an extended 60-second cut, which also dropped today). Doritos paired the boy band with Chance the Rapper for an odd, but strangely satisfying, hip-hop rendition of the Backstreet Boys’ hit, “I Want It That Way.”

Doritos highlights its new Flamin’ Hot Nacho flavor in the spot and felt that picking musical acts from two totally different genres and eras was the best way to sell the new product. The spot opens on Chance the Rapper sitting in an empty airplane hangar with a bag of the new Flamin’ Hot Nacho Doritos. “They made the original, hot?” he says as he stuffs a bright red chip into his mouth.

Then, the magic kicks in as the remix picks up and a music video unfolds.

Not only do fans get a chance to hear a new verse from Chance the Rapper, but they also get a wonderful scene of the artist dancing alongside the Backstreet Boys doing his best to follow along to those iconic boy band moves.

While the brand released a 60-second version of its Super Bowl ad magic, Doritos will air a 30-second version during the game on Feb. 3. Goodby, Silverstein & Partners handled creative for the brand.

The move into musical legends isn’t a new one for Doritos. Last year the brand found success with a spot done in partnership with PepsiCo brand Mountain Dew. It brought together actors Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage in an epic lip sync battle where the two actors channeled Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes, respectively.

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@ktjrichards Katie Richards is a staff writer for Adweek.