Driving Sucks, and Lyft’s New Work From W+K Reminds You All the Reasons Why

Go ahead and say 'yep'

A responsible ride in a Lyft. Lyft

The next time you’re about to get into a Lyft, pay attention to how you respond when the driver asks your name. I’m willing to put $5* on the fact that a good 90 percent of the time, you probably just say “yep.” You likely don’t say, “correct, that is my name” because let’s face it, a “yep” is really all you need. In its latest campaign out of Wieden + Kennedy New York, Lyft takes the short affirmative and shows how it can help people regain some freedom from the drudgery of driving themselves.

While the two new spots may not necessarily take the sweeping, epic approach like the brand’s launch work with Jeff Bridges, Tilda Swinton and Jordan Peele, it certainly hits on some universal truths about why driving can be an awful endeavor and retains the brand’s joie de vivre of not taking itself too seriously while making a point about the service.

The first spot, “Nope/Yep,” is 60-seconds and takes a man from the tension and stress behind the wheel of his own car where there are lots of “nopes” (traffic, speed traps, gas prices) to the comparative bliss of a Lyft ride with plenty of “yeps” (freedom to relax a little, maybe have that extra drink … or three).

In the second 30-second spot, “Yep You Can,” quick hits reveal the myriad ways of saying “yes to so much more” Midwesterners will recognize one and … wait a minute, is that John Cleese saying “Right-o” at the 14-second mark?

The ads were directed by Tom Kuntz, who manages to appear on plenty of credits lists in standout work for brands like Hyundai, IHOP, DirecTV, HomeAway and some of W+K’s classic Old Spice ads.

*Offer valid only in Portland, Oregon.


Chief Marketing Officer: Joy Howard
Vice President of Marketing: Melissa Waters
Vice President of Creative: Jesse McMillin
Executive Creative Director: Tim Roan,
Director of Integrated Marketing: Jessica Stout
Senior Integrated Marketing Manager: Dylan Green
Integrated Marketing Manager: McKenzy Golding

Wieden + Kennedy New York
Executive Creative Director: Karl Lieberman
Creative Directors: Stuart Jennings, Eric Helin
Copywriter: Matt Simpson
Art Director: Alison Joseph
Head of Integrated Production: Nick Setounski
Executive Producer: Alison Hill
Producer: Jordan Leinen
Associate Producer: Ava Rant
Strategy Director: Tass Tsitsopoulos
Senior Brand Strategist: Cristina Pansolini
Social Strategist: Adrian Brinkley
Account Director: Samantha Wagner
Account Director: Molly Ball
Account Supervisor: Lee Ford
Head of Business Affairs: Patrick O’Donoghue
Business Manager: Michael Moronez, Andrea Sierra
Project Manager: Carly Lissak
Director of Comms Planning: Karlo Cordova
Associate Media Director: Neil Sawhney
Traffic: Sonia Bisono, Tina Wyatt
Director of Creative Services: Chris Whalley
Studio Manager: Jill Kearton
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Production Company: MJZ
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Studio Director: Justine Cortale

@zanger doug.zanger@adweek.com Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.