Droid “iDon’t”

Ad of the Day – 10/19/09

Mcgarrybowen’s teaser commercial for Verizon’s Motorola Droid broke over the weekend. While TV viewers don’t so much as get a glimpse at what experts say is the first phone (well, OS-Google’s Android) that has the potential to kill the iPhone, the ad does a superb job in mocking Apple for all the iPhone is not. Borrowing the white background and cheery pop that Apple favors in its advertising, the Verizon ad uses scrolling type to introduce viewers to the Droid’s competitive edge. The copy takes on the voice of the iPhone admitting its shortcomings. “iDon’t have a real keyboard,”  “iDon’t run simultaneous apps” and “iDon’t allow open development” reads some of the copy. Just when the spot starts explaining,  “Everything iDon’t…,” the serenity of the black-on-white type comes to a screeching halt and the visuals turn aggressive to finish the sentence with, “Droid does.” The full campaign is set to break later this month and while this teaser indicates Verizon will come out guns blazing, one thing’s for sure, this will be one ad battle worth watching. –Eleftheria Parpis