The E-business of travel

Oracle Corp. targets “mad as hell” business travelers in a $5 million campaign launching its e-Travel subsidiary.
Created by Harpell/Martins & Co., Maynard, Mass., ads are tagged, “Where business goes for business travel.”
Oracle e-Travel lets companies set and enforce policies and negotiate with vendors. Fidelity Investments, Coca-Cola and Unisys are among users of the service.
Executions seek to “empower” corporate travel managers and business people who are looking for better airfare, hotel and car rental deals online, according to agency creative director David Abend. Tapping into the “mad as hell” mind frame was paramount, he said.
“If you wind up in a smoking room, it’s because you felt like smoking,” proclaims one headline. “If the rental’s a heap, it’s because you like heaps,” states another.
A 30-second TV spot dealing with travel to Las Vegas has white text, spinning like figures on a slot machine, set against a black background, complete with casino sound effects. –David Gianatasi

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