Empower L.A. Closes

Media Agency Consolidating Its Resources
LOS ANGELES–“Freeway close” is usually a welcome sign in Southern California, but for Empower MediaMarketing’s Los Angeles office, it’s an epitaph.
The Cincinnati-based media agency has shuttered its local satellite and moved its estimated
$40 million-plus in L.A. media buying an hour and half down I-5 to its West Coast headquarters in San Diego.
“We found there was no need to have two offices within 100 miles of each other,” explained Tim Hahnke, Empower executive vice president/partner, about the decision to shutter the 2-year-old outpost. “By consolidating our resources [in San Diego and at the recently opened San Francisco office], we can apply those resources to additional account service.”
Hahnke said no clients will be lost as a result of the move and all of Empower’s L.A. accounts will be serviced from San Diego or Cincinnati. The L.A. roster included Internet clients LoansDirect.com, WorkSeek.com and Escrow.com, as well as Pleasant Hawaiian Holidays travel business, financial account Janus Mutual Funds and dry dog food Vita Gravy.
Empower’s L.A. billings also included buying for the clients of Pasadena, Calif.-based ad agency Wise Guys, business worth an estimated $30 million-plus in billings. Planning for Wise Guys accounts is handled by newly formed Pasadena media agency Gutsee Media [Adweek, Jan. 10].
Empower L.A.’s 12 staffers are not expected to relocate. They include Dee Jones, the veteran hired last July to run the L.A. office.