‘Engaged’ Viewers Recall Ads

NEW YORK Products placed by advertisers in “emotionally engaging” TV programs enjoy a recognition rate by 43 percent more viewers, a new survey shows.

The research, by the Nielsen Co. (parent of Adweek), is contained in the new issue of Nielsen’s Consumer Insight, which integrates and connects information collected across the company.

In the study, Nielsen asked participants to rank their overall program enjoyment for specific TV programming. The results were then weighted on a scale of 0-10, with a 7-10 score being termed “highly enjoyable.”

Among the findings:

• Brand recognition increased 29 percent for product placements during highly enjoyable programs, 21 percent for commercial spots and 5 percent for the combination of a product placement and commercial spot for that brand.

• Positive brand feelings increased by 85 percent for product placements,
75 percent for commercial spots and 68 percent for combined campaigns when the program was highly enjoyable.

• Purchase interest increased 145 percent for product placements, 120 percent for commercial spots and 97 percent when the exposure consisted of both a placement and commercial for highly enjoyable programs.

“When you link your advertising with a program that resonates with consumers, viewers will remember your ads,” said Kathy Mancini, editor of Nielsen Consumer Insight. “There are so many choices out there, with people passing by commercials, that if the spot keeps a viewer interested, that’s huge for advertisers right then and there.”

Asked how companies can get more value for their TV ad dollars, Annie Touliatos, director of product development and marketing for Nielsen’s product placement service and co-author of the research, had some succinct advice: “Our study found that it’s important to be mindful of the viewers’ program enjoyment. Their personal engagement with the show is very helpful” in advertisers’ efforts.

The Nielsen findings were based on a survey of approximately 10,000 individuals, 200 consumer brands and 50 TV programs. Participants were asked a variety of questions in terms of their engagement with specific programming, including their overall program enjoyment. Additional engagement questions included entertainment value, believability, information value, emotional resonance and more.