Equinox Uses Artful New Short Film to Reclaim Its Status as the Original Lifestyle Brand

It also tees up the launch of Equinox Hotels in 2019

The brand worked with fashion photographer Nick Knight on the project. Equinox
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New year, new you, new Equinox campaign.

The lifestyle brand typically capitalizes on the start of a new year, when people are set on making resolutions like getting into shape and going to the gym, to launch a striking ad campaign. For 2019, Equinox is taking a slightly tamer approach with a short film that brings back the brand’s original mantra, “It’s Not Fitness. It’s Life.”

“Equinox started this crazy idea of ‘It’s Not Fitness. It’s Life’ well over 20 years ago when no one really felt this way,” explained Equinox CMO Vimla Black Gupta. “If you fast-forward over 20 years and the obsession with wellness, and you look at every brand out there that’s trying to be a lifestyle brand, we always have been this lifestyle brand.”

This new short film is designed to remind people of that fact. It also showcases a constant goal from the brand’s marketing team to avoid showing shots of people working out in a gym, to instead showing why Equinox does what it does.

Equinox is using the new film to kick off some big things set to happen in 2019. Late last year, the brand announced that in 2019 it would be launching its own hotel brand, Equinox Hotels, with plans to build in New York City. The brand is also launching travel experiences for its clients. Those will kick off in April of this year.

“The film dovetails quite perfectly because for us, life is not just about going to our clubs. It’s about the way you live your life, the way you travel, where you stay when you travel and how you plan your day,” Gupta added.

Fashion photographer Nick Knight directed the short film. He worked closely with the brand to select a number of people who embody the five different elements of life—love, water, spirit, movement and light. For example, Grammy Award-winning artist Ciara dances at the start of the short film and is meant to represent spirit through her movements and her attitude.

“Every aspect of my life is about leveling up and living my best life as an artist, a performer, a mother or a boss. For me, Equinox means reaching your potential and that’s always my goal in all that I do,” Ciara said in a statement.

Each person in the film is also meant to exemplify part of what the brand stands for, be it parkour athletes showing the power of movement, or a real-life couple kissing to illustrate that life (for Equinox) is really about the relationships that you make along the way.

Knight will reportedly continue to work with the Equinox brand on projects throughout the year.

“The Equinox brand and product is all about building and celebrating a life well-lived, and I wanted the work to be representative of that sentiment. Working with a brand over a period of time also allows me to really dig deep and explore with them, and I commend Equinox for taking this approach to creativity,” Knight said in a statement.

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