ESPN Deportes Winter Baseball Push Takes Flight

ESPN Deportes launched a new campaign for its Dominican winter baseball season. The Spanish-language campaign, via creative agency LatinWorks, will run until the end of December and will utilize radio, TV, print and guerrilla marketing to reach Caribbean communities in New York, Miami, Orlando and Tampa.

While ESPN Deportes has traditionally relied on radio-only spots and print ads to market its winter baseball season, this year, the campaign will encompass TV spots not only on ESPN Deportes, but also on Telemundo and Univision in New York and Miami.

The animated TV spots feature a plane-ride with two captains and a stewardess, who gives safety instructions filled with baseball references. The stewardess is the voice of Carolina Guillen, host of ESPN Deportes Béisbol Esta Noche, and the captains will be played by Dominican pitcher Juan Marichal and baseball commentator Ernesto Jerez. Tagline: “Durante el invierno el béisbol viaja al Caribe” (During winter, baseball travels to the Caribbean).

“The concept is really focused on the fact that during the winter months, baseball doesn’t end. During the holidays there is a connection to traveling, flying, the warm whether, so we go to the Dominican Republic, and bring all the warmth of the country, the people, and the great game to your house,” said ESPN Deportes’ marketing director Maribel Viteri.

Radio spots, using the same voices and characters, will run on 10 local stations based in New York, Miami, Orlando and Tampa. Print ads—resembling boarding passes and airline safety cards—will run in New York’s Diario La Prensa, Miami’s El Nuevo Herald, Tampa’s El Centro and Orlando’s La Prensa. Additionally, a special three-part supplementary section will be added to New York’s Al Día. The effort also includes a theme song, “El Rey de la Pelota,” written to a merengue tune by sports journalist Leonte Landino.

The guerrilla marketing push took place this weekend, when women in stewardess outfits and men dressed as baseball players visited the Dominican community of Washington Heights. Riding on Segways they provided information about the winter baseball season and gave out branded items.
“We know that there is a big Dominican population in the Washington Heights area and we wanted to take advantage of how relevant the theme is for the Dominican population and create awareness of the network,” said Viteri.

“We have the whole theme with the airplane and the stewardess because this community is thinking about the holidays and back home.”