European Fitness Firm Scans U.S.

Slendertone is shopping for an agency in the U.S. to market its fitness products, sources said. The account is estimated to be worth $12-18 million.

Slendertone, based in Galway, Ireland, is the personal health and fitness division of Bio-Medical Ltd. The company has offices in Europe, Asia and North America, including a U.S. base in Scottsdale, Ariz.

The company is best known for its Slendertone Flex line of products, including an ergonomically designed belt that helps tone the stomachs of men and women. With a touch of a button, the belt uses patent-pending technology to target muscles that are difficult to tone during conventional exercise.

According to the Slendertone Web site, the company has applied with the Food and Drug Administration for clearance to market the Flex line in the U.S. Executives at the company could not be reached.

Sources said Slendertone held its first round of credentials checks this month and is developing a short list. Lowe Live in London handles the account in the U.K.

A recent billboard from Lowe Live featured a well-toned backside in a tight dress and carried the line “Does my bum look big on this?” The ad won the best giant poster award at the Campaign Poster Advertising Awards this year.

A representative at Lowe Live was unaware that Slendertone was looking for an agency in the U.S.

It was unclear if the company has worked with a U.S. agency in the past. CMR did not report any media expenditures for Slendertone in U.S. in 2000.