Ex-GSD&M Execs Open Shop

Rich Tlapek (pictured) and Scott Macgregor, formerly senior creative staffers at Omnicom’s GSD&M Idea City in Austin, Texas, have formed a new venture, Sacred Cow Advertising, with software firm eScan Data systems as their first client.

The shop officially launched in Austin last month; the execs, who had been group cds and vps at GSD&M, left that shop in September.

A campaign for eScan is set to launch this spring.

Like many creatively driven entrepreneurs, the pair said they offer top-flight services without the high overhead, targeting clients more interested in securing new ideas than spending much of their budgets on time-consuming processes.

At GSD&M, they worked on high-profile campaigns for the U.S. Air Force, John Deere, BMW, the AARP and Southwest Airlines.

Tlapek said they have no plan, however, to leverage those relationships to siphon off business from their former employer, even though they do not have non-compete contracts with GSD&M.

“We didn’t sign anything, but we wouldn’t do that anyway,” he said. “We’re actually hoping to use our expertise to go after smaller competitors of brands we worked on.”

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