Fastest Growing Agencies; Promising Broadcast Show: Monday’s First Things First

Plus, see the new Breaking Bad trailer

Mixed-ish, premiering Sept. 24, focuses on the childhood of Rainbow Johnson, the Black-ish character played by Tracee Ellis Ross. Kelsey McNeal/ABC
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Presenting the Adweek 100: Fastest Growing Agencies

It’s not easy being an ad agency these days. But alas, Adweek has put together our inaugural Fastest Growing Agencies list, recognizing those that have not only risen to the challenge but succeeded. To mark the occasion, our agency team—Doug Zanger, Minda Smiley and Erik Oster—have rolled out the red carpet with an interactive story, complete with a map, cards and notes on how they calculated the list.

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The 7 Most Promising New Broadcast TV Shows of Fall 2019

If you’re anything like us, you’ve binge watched all the Game of Thrones, The Handmaid’s Tale and The Golden Girls reruns you can stand. But as the streaming wars are coming to a head (thanks to Disney+, Apple TV+, HBO Max and Peacock), broadcast television is hoping you’ll find one of its new series binge-worthy. Lucky for you, Adweek’s TV/media editor Jason Lynch did some of the heavy lifting and rounded up the series that are actually worth your time.

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What and Why Millennials and Gen Zers Rent Instead of Buy

It could be said that a large part of the American Dream is rooted in ownership—owning a home or owning a car. But when it comes to millennials and Gen Z, many prefer to rent. Whether it be furniture for temporary housing with Fernish or clothing for a special occasion with Rent the Runway, renting is the way to go for those in the sharing economy.

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Netflix Debuts the New Breaking Bad Trailer

Five years ago, Breaking Bad took a victory lap at the Emmys, winning five awards for its final season. Sunday night, the show once again found itself in the Emmy spotlight—this time because Netflix unveiled a trailer for its upcoming Breaking Bad movie as one of four ads it ran during the ceremony.

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Just Briefly: The Rest of Today’s Top News and Insights

Ad of the Day: Children in Poverty Pick Their Own Sponsors

Choice is a powerful thing, one that most of us take for granted. And when we choose a recipient for our charitable dollars, we feel a rush of benevolence from the knowledge we’ve helped shape a life.

But what if the script were flipped?

Overcoming a Tough Moment in Your Career

By Julianna Akuamoah, svp human resources, Arnold Worldwide

I have fond memories of an internal client who was notorious for being dissatisfied with leaders throughout the organization. He was critical and rarely felt anyone was up to par. It was a frustrating experience; I know how hard I work and the solutions I bring and to be met with a less than stellar reception was difficult. So, my goal was to understand what was the source of his dissatisfaction.

I threw myself at every project and was overly communicative so we were always aligned. I learned their dissatisfaction wasn’t personal – he needed someone who was equally invested. The key was leaning into the challenge as this was a huge learning opportunity. I worked around the clock and made it my mission to provide an unmatched level of partnership. It taught me a lot about leadership and partnership. Ultimately, we developed a long-lasting respect for each other.

@kimekom Kimeko McCoy is a freelance journalist and digital marketer, who focuses on social strategy, newsletters and audience development.