Female-Focused Razor Brand Billie Wants to Transform Your Shaving Routine From Mundane to Magical

New work is meant to drive awareness, be dreamy

Billie is hoping to build brand awareness with new campaign. Billie
Headshot of Kristina Monllos

For people who shave, the process can be boring, annoying and tiresome—not to mention expensive. That’s something the female-focused shave brand Billie, which launched last November with anti-pink tax messaging, would like to change.

In a new brand campaign, created in-house, the company showcases women using its products in a hazy, dreamy setting that’s meant to show consumers that if they use Billie products, then shaving can become something they enjoy, maybe even look forward to.

“Being a direct-to-consumer brand you’re always listening to comments that people make on social media and whatnot,” explained Billie co-founder Georgina Gooley. “Someone on Instagram posted that they’d just received their pack and they had loved the razor and that the brand was bringing a little bit of magic to a mundane routine. That really kind of sparked something.”

Gooley continued: “It was a nice way of saying everything that we’re trying to do as a brand, which is to make an everyday routine more delightful and a lot more affordable. That really became the brief for this campaign. It was how can we take everyday routines, everyday scenarios of women getting ready to go out and how can we layer this dreamy feel, sprinkle a little bit of magic throughout the scenes.”

The in-house team worked with Brooklyn-based creatives Jarod Tabor (director), Leyna Rowan (director of photography) and Marki Becker (stylist) on the new brand campaign, which is meant to drive brand awareness.

“When we have looked at the shave category as a whole, whether it was the incumbents or the newer startups for men’s razor subscriptions, everyone was very focused on giving men a better or more affordable shave experience,” Gooley explained of the brand’s inspiration.

The problem, explained Gooley, was that the industry treats women like an afterthought with product innovation and pricing even though half the market are women who shave just as frequently as men.

“That was really the genesis of Billie, to put women first in a category that has always been dominated by these male brands,” said Gooley.

See more images from the new brand campaign below:

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