FJCandN Illustrates Utah Client’s Metamorphosis

Watching a caterpillar transform into a butterfly on television might lead some to reach for the remote.
To FJCandN, though, the final moments of a slug’s life provided a useful metaphor for the evolution of Utah’s Workers Compensation Foundation from stale government agency to recipient of the Arthur Andersen Best Practices Award for “Exceeding Customer Expectations.”
“It’s so different from what [viewers] expect,” said Dave Newbold, creative director/copywriter at the Salt Lake City agency. “Most people think of [the WCF as] a big, bloated, slow-moving bureaucracy.”
In reality, it has revamped management, personnel and some policies, said Newbold. The result is a more efficient organization–an evolution the three-month TV and print campaign attempts to reflect.
The 30-second spot opens with a yellow-and-black-striped caterpillar inching along a leaf. In subsequent shots, to the beat of upbeat music, it becomes a butterfly and breaks free from its cocoon. A voiceover declares, “Workers Compensation Foundation: Winner of the 1999 Arthur Anderson. We’ve evolved into something better.”
The message is geared toward businesspeople. “I would think that because of the subject, they would be intrigued enough to watch,” Newbold said.
Newbold said he was initially concerned that the theme, developed during a brainstorming session, wouldn’t go over well with the client. “They’re going to get all over this Darwin idea,” he recalled thinking. “But they liked it.”
The spot was directed by Greg Kiefer of Cosmic Pictures, with Ryan Anderson the art director and Dugald Stermer the illustrator. K

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