For ‘Naked’ Wonderful Pistachios, Venus De Milo Shows How She Spends Her Day Off

She's got a lot to do and appreciates a convenient snack

She works six days a week, so Venus has a lot to catch up on when she's off. Wonderful Pistachios
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As one of the most famous pieces of art at the Louvre in Paris, Venus de Milo has a pretty heavy work week: 13 hour days, six days a week. But what about when she’s off the clock?

To promote its no-shell nuts, Wonderful Pistachios is launching a new campaign called “Sometimes Naked Is Better,” created by its in-house creative team, the Wonderful Agency. The campaign kicks off with a spot called “Venus de Milo on the Go,” following the statue’s hectic schedule during her day off.

While some viewers might find the no-arm humor a bit borderline—great casting and visual effects ensure the statue comes across as a high-spirited go-getter, as comfortable and confident at the shopping mall as she is standing topless in front of thousands of museum goers. (The blurred nipples seem like a self-aware gag on the brand’s part, but they also remind us about our society’s laughable, Facebook-enforced fear of showing such things.)

The spot, directed by Honor Society’s Robert Boocheck, highlights the convenience of shell-free pistachios, which are great if you don’t have free hands, don’t have a lot of time, or—like Venus—all of the above.

“Some people like to undress their Wonderful Pistachios themselves, and that’s great,” Darren Moran, chief creative officer of the Wonderful Agency, says in a statement. “But if you’re on the go, or a statue that long ago lost its appendages, having a pistachio that’s already naked is just all-around better. And you don’t have to be an art lover to appreciate that.”

The new campaign will play out in stores, through social, via PR and in subsequent creative executions.

“Wonderful Pistachios No Shells are popular among our consumers looking for a little convenience in their snacking and to easily use in recipes to add a little crunch and protein to their meals,” says Adam Cooper, vp of marketing for The Wonderful Company. “Our No Shells brand has grown 40 percent over the past year to $150 million in retail sales. We are optimistic that the eye-catching new packaging and new dedicated campaign will accelerate the growth in this segment.”

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