This French Beauty Brand Wants Women to Be Comfortable With Their Flaws

While still using Vichy's products, of course

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For cosmetics brands, touting a particular product's capabilities—that it gets rid of redness, say, or makes your face radiate—is standard. But that method of advertising can often impose a certain beauty ideal, one that is impossible for most women to meet. In a campaign introducing Vichy in the U.S., the French brand ask consumers to forget about being flawless and instead accept their skin for what it is—while also using its brand's products. 

The new campaign, "Your Skin Deserves Better," is from creative shop Tuxedo in Montreal. In print and on billboards, models featured in the campaign weren't retouched in Photoshop, conveying the campaign's tagline, "Forget flawless."

"There are very few campaigns in skin care that have been completely unretouched, so it was a very strategic thing to break the flawless image that no one can really attain," said Dominic Tremblay, president of Tuxedo. 

The spots, which will run online in 15- and 30-second versions—as well as a longer two-minute, 30-second film—feature women critiquing themselves in the mirror only to find that the mirror talks back to them. Their women they see in the mirror are sassier versions of themselves, teaching them to feel more confident. 

"There's a lot of new type of beauty campaign, starting from Dove and earlier, that are more heavy, heart-touching, sad, crying, and we wanted to have a different tone," said Tremblay. "So, we wanted to have something that was more optimistic and fun and laughable, so that's why we went with more humor."  

Check out the spots and the print campaign below: 

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